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Introducing Natural, Recycled Cork Sneakers from CariCapri

There’s no doubt about it: we are in the middle of a global waste crisis. Every day, thousands of tons of garbage is added to landfills around the world - which will stay on this planet for decades - or more. Take sneakers, for example: it’s estimated that there are billions of sneakers thrown away every year. They take 30 to 40-years to decompose.

Here, at CariCapri, we see a big problem with that. We believe that everything, including fashion, should be made with the future of our planet in mind.

All of our products are made from recycled materials that pose a huge threat to the natural state of our environment and its inhabitants. We are committed to producing fashion that is:

  • Vegan
  • Eco-friendly
  • Ethically manufactured
  • Sustainable
  • Stylish and comfortable

CariCapri Recycled Cork Sneakers

Wine is one of the world’s favorite alcoholic beverages – an estimated 40 million cork stoppers are produced every day! Every nine years, the bark is removed from the Cork Oak tree and harvested for production purposes. The bark regenerates in-between harvests, so a single Cork Oak tree can be stripped of it's bark about 16 times during its lifespan.

Cork is an organic material that's 100% biodegradable. However, when cork decomposes, it releases CO2 into the atmosphere, and contributes to global warming. So, we stepped in to take as many corks out of the trash as possible.

Natural cork is:

  • WATERPROOF: Cork’s cell walls are covered in suberin and ceroids, which make cork naturally waterproof and wind resistant.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Over 50% of cork’s volume is made up of air.
  • INSULATING: Cork has a very low heat transfer.
  • FLEXIBLE: Cork can be stretched and bent and then quickly return to its natural shape!

Out with the Old - and in with the New!

The world is changing very quickly. Every day, technology is making new things possible that we could only dream of decades ago – things like recycled cork sneakers.

Sneakers that are mass-produced are made out of plastic and rubber - and may end up floating around in the ocean one day. As people all over the world start to become more aware of the effects their fashion choices have on the environment, they have begun to seek out more sustainable options. CariCapri has heard the cry and answered.

CariCapri’s Sustainable Sneakers are made from:

  • Recycled plastic bottles
  • Recycled tennis ball material
  • Discarded coffee grounds
  • Recycled wine corks

Not only do well-made and sustainable fashion items help to save the environment, but they can help to save consumers money by outliving traditionally-made items.

All the Way to The Sole

Typical sneakers have soles that are made out of 100% rubber, polyurethane, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) compound – all of which take decades to decompose.

Our recycled cork sneakers are made with sustainability in mind from top to bottom. That’s why we created soles that are made up of 20-50% recycled materials.

We help to keep these materials out of landfills and work to reduce food waste by infusing coffee grounds into plastic pellets and spinning that mixture into a polymer yarn. That yarn is then knit with a waterproof membrane, ensuring that your feet will stay dry in any condition. As a bonus, coffee has natural antibacterial qualities to keep your shoes smelling great!

CariCapri is committed to making the world an eco-friendlier place. We believe that no one should have to compromise quality or style for the sake of sustainability!

Save the world with us, one pair of sneakers at a time.

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