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Save Our Oceans with Sustainable Activewear

Oceanic pollution is a global crisis. An estimated 14-billion pounds of trash (mostly plastic) is dumped into the world’s oceans every year killing millions of marine animals and birds. In addition to the trash that is dumped into the ocean, fishing boats frequently drop their nets into the ocean and never retrieve them.

These lost nets are called ghost nets.

Ghost Nets

Ghost nets are very difficult to see in dim light. When they are lost, floating through the dark ocean waters, marine life is at risk of getting trapped by a net that they never see coming. When they are trapped in these ghost nets, they could meet their unfortunate fate of asphyxiation or starvation.

Marine animals cannot detect ghost nets with their sight or sonar capabilities. They could be swimming along through the waters and suddenly become entangled in a nylon net, become injured, and unable to reach the surface for air or food. 

Fishing nets are extremely large – they are created to capture hundreds to thousands of fish at a time! When they are lost and floating through the ocean, they have the capacity to entangle more than just a few fish. Ghost nets pose a monumental threat to oceanic ecosystems.

As if the threat to freely swimming fish isn’t enough, ghost nets also have the potential to seriously hard coral reefs, another vital part of marine ecosystems. When a coral reef is injured and covered by a ghost net, it becomes susceptible to disease and is unable to soak in its much-needed sunlight.

Cleaning up the Oceans

As it stands, simply reducing the amount of waste that ends up in the ocean is not enough. All around the world, substantial efforts need to be made to remove deathly plastic material from the oceans and give it a new life – a new purpose.

Recycling plastic that is found in the ocean is key to marine life health. Without recycling, the plastic will just end up in a landfill and contribute to other issues that the earth faces, like pollution and global warming. Additionally, there is always the risk that the plastic finds its way back into the ocean during storms or transportation.

Innovative Fashion

So, what is there to do with plastic that is retrieved from the ocean? Here at CariCapri, we believe that it should be transformed into sustainable fashion choices. We work closely with manufacturers who have dedicated themselves to cleaning up the world’s oceans and turning trash into treasure – treasure that you can wear.

The traditional linear economy is not sustainable: valuable resources are used to make a brand-new item which is then used and thrown away when its’ job is done. And then it starts all over again from the beginning. This is the way of living that we are all used to, but with innovative thinking and new technology, it’s not the way that things have to be.

The future of fashion is not linear – its circular. It looks like taking products that always exist on the planet – ones that aren’t being used anymore – and turning them into something brand new. Our ultimate goal is to reuse things that are always on planet Earth, so we don’t have to contribute to the global waste crisis. No. More. Trash.

The Problem Within the Fashion Industry

Globally, we are buying four times as much clothing that we were 20-years ago, and much of the clothing comes from “fast fashion” manufacturers. “Fast fashion” refers to clothing that is inspired by the latest runway looks but made with far less quality and is not designed to last – but that doesn’t mean that they go away.

Fast fashion items go from consumer to landfill almost as quickly as they go from the catwalk to store shelves. It reinforces the linear model of consuming which, as we have determined, is hugely detrimental to the planet. Most fashion items that are available for purchase today are made out of material that takes decades to break down. In short: the fashion industry has created a serious pollution problem

From Fishing Nets and Water Bottles to Your New Favorite Athleisure Wear

Our main focus will always be on creating fashionable choices that are sustainable above all else. We want everyone to feel good. From the smallest marine animal to the person purchasing out product, our ultimate goal is to solve more problems than we create.

That’s why we partner up with companies like Econyl and Repreve. They have also dedicated their businesses to cleaning up the environment and creating sustainable options for clothing and more. They use innovative technology to spin discarded plastic into a soft thread-like material that can be used to make just about anything – and they do it so in a way that emits as little greenhouse gasses as possible!

These companies help brands like CariCapri transform trash like ghost nets, water bottles, and plastic bags into clothing that you can feel great about wearing. Our athleisure wear is soft, moisture-wicking, flexible, and it looks amazing so you can feel confident all day long from the gym, to the store, to just lounging around the house.

Join us in our attempt to close the loop and create a circular way of consuming goods, rather than linear. Together, we can get trash out of the ocean and landfills so we may hopefully be able to leave this planet we call home a little bit better than we found it.

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