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10 Leggings You'll Want To Wear On Your Next Hike

10 Leggings You'll Want To Wear On Your Next Hike

Now that the temperatures are finally starting to rise, we’re all aching to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather. The days are longer, the rain has brought all the spring blooms, and it’s time to do our favorite outdoor activity: hiking! Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just getting going for the first time this year, one of the pieces of clothing you should get is a pair of leggings. You may think it’s too hot to wear leggings, but it’s actually highly recommend to protect yourself from pesky bugs, like ticks. Here’s a list of some of the nicest leggings you can get for your next hike.

1. V-Waist Leggings
Cari Capri
These leggings from Cari Capri have a fantastic V-Waist shape, making them incredibly comfortable and flattering to wear for just about any activity you do. The ⅞ length means you won’t have to worry about them being too long if you’re on the shorter side. The best part? They’re made using recycled plastic bottles and other post-consumer materials from the ocean so you can enjoy the planet while saving it too!

2. Camo Seamless Leggings
If you ever have to deal with the dreaded camel toe, these are the leggings for you. They’re equipped with NO seam across the front, so it’s virtually impossible to get it. These leggings are buttery soft and have a subtle scrunch at the butt for some extra lift.

3. Dotted Leggings
Buff Bunny
Sometimes the best hikes are the ones where you wear the wildest prints - and these leggings from Buff Bunny would be perfect! They also have no front seam, have moderate compression, and have roomy pockets to fit your phone (or snacks).

4. Buttery-Soft Hourglass Leggings
Popflex Active
If you’re in the market for the world’s softest leggings, you may have just found your match. These babies are made with polyester, spandex, and a company-secret material called Buttersmooth Luxe. They’re so soft, it’ll feel like you’re not wearing anything at all!

5. High-waisted Leggings
TLF Apparel
These leggings are designed to be virtually weightless, making them great for your more strenuous hikes where every ounce counts. It even has an advanced sweat-wicking material so you can confidently sweat buckets without feeling like you’re going to drown in your leggings.

6. Classic Black Leggings
You can never go wrong with just a pair of classic black leggings. These are great for hikes, obviously, but they’re also ideal for laying around the house, layering with your casual looks, or even sleeping in them!

7. Maternity Leggings
Girlfriend Collective
Having a baby doesn’t mean you can’t continue doing the things you love, especially if you can be comfortable while doing them. These leggings are super stretchy to support your growing tummy and are even made out of recycled fishing nets.

8. Butt-lifting Leggings
Sometimes you just need a little bit of extra lift in the tush to *lift* you through those hills during your hike, and we get that. These leggings are designed to make your booty look its best and may even give you some extra motivation to really push it up that mountain.

9. Cropped Leggings
Lulu Lemon
Cropped leggings are especially great if you’re short or just have a shorter legs. These ensure that you don’t ever have that annoying bunching of fabric by the ankles because it always seems like leggings are made for people on stilts! They do have even shorter lengths if you’re looking for that genuine cropped look.

10. Pedal Pusher Leggings
Beyond Yoga
If you just cannot deal with wearing leggings while the temperatures start to rise for the season, you may be better off with some pedal pushers like these leggings. You get all the benefits of wearing leggings during your hike, like flexibility and comfort, while getting some much-needed breeze through your legs. Don’t forget to wear taller socks to keep the ticks away, though.


Finding the perfect pair of leggings may seem daunting, because they all can easily look exactly the same. However, when you figure out exactly what you’re looking for, like length, waist height, or even just a fun pattern, it’s easier to find the one that you need. The best part is, you can buy as many as you like! Happy hiking!

- Cari Capri xo

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