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Putting The Planet First

Founded in 2021 by Romona Norton, our mission and main focus at Cari Capri will always be creating fashionable choices that are sustainable. We don't go near anything that's toxic to our planet.

Ethical, vegan and cruelty-free products are our speciality. We partnered up with Econyl and Repreve who use innovative technology to spin discarded plastic into a soft thread-like material that we use to make your favorite athleisure wear. Our VITA Line of clothing uses a fabric made by Italian brand, Carvico.

These companies help brands like us transform trash like fishing nets, water bottles, and plastic bags into clothing that you can feel great about wearing. Our athleisure wear is soft, moisture wicking, flexible, and looks amazing - so you can feel confident all day long from the gym, to the store, to just lounging around the house.

Cleaning Up Our Oceans

Modern fishing nets are made out of nylon, a plastic that never biodegrades. When nylon breaks down, it turns into microplastic that is nearly invisible but still devastatingly harmful to marine biology. These invisible killers are called ghost nets.

Both whole fishing nets and those that have broken down into tiny pieces pose equal threats on the ocean and its inhabitants. Marine life and birds can get trapped in whole fishing nets that are floating freely through the ocean. When they are trapped, they sadly meet their fate due to asphyxiation or starvation.

When the plastic material turns into microplastic, marine life and birds inevitably consume it while they are trying to eat their natural prey. Some animals either mistake the plastic for food or accidentally ingest it. Eventually, those toxins make their way up the food chain and end up in the bodies of billions of people all over the world. Ingesting plastic is quickly becoming a massive problem when it comes to marine biology. It’s estimated that the typical fish-eating bird has about 30 pieces of plastic in its stomach.

As it stands, simply reducing the amount of waste that ends up in the ocean is not enough. All around the world, substantial efforts need to be made to remove deathly plastic material from the oceans and give it a new life – a new purpose. Recycling the plastics that are found in the ocean is key to future marine life survival. Without recycling, the plastic will just end up in a landfill and contribute to other issues that the earth faces, like pollution and global warming. Additionally, there is always the risk that the plastic finds its way back into the ocean during storms or transportation.

Our Promise

So, what is there to do with plastic that is retrieved from the ocean? Here at Cari Capri, we believe that it should be transformed into sustainable fashion choices. We work closely with suppliers who have dedicated themselves to cleaning up the world’s oceans and turning trash into treasure – treasure that you can wear.

The traditional linear economy is not sustainable: valuable resources are used to make a brand-new item which is then used and thrown away when its’ job is done. And then it starts all over again from the beginning. This is the way of living that we are all used to, but with innovative thinking and new technology, it’s not the way that things have to be.

The future of fashion is not linear – it's circular. It looks like taking products that always exist on the planet – ones that aren’t being used anymore – and turning them into something brand new. Our ultimate goal is to reuse things that are always on planet Earth, so we don’t have to contribute to the global waste crisis. No. More. Trash.

Join us in our attempt to close the loop and create a circular way of consuming goods, rather than linear. Together, we can get trash out of the ocean and landfills so we may hopefully be able to leave this planet we call home a little bit better than we found it.