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10 Vegan Shoes You'll Want To Walk 500 Miles In

10 Vegan Shoes You'll Want To Walk 500 Miles In

Veganism has been around for decades, but it seems that recently more and more people are starting to adopt the sustainable lifestyle. Once you’ve got the diet down, you just need to figure out clothing and accessories. Whether you’re a veteran vegan or new to the ethical community, you’re probably always trying to find a good pair of footwear. It can seem daunting when there are so many different websites and brands to choose from, especially when you’re trying to find a comfortable shoe you can wear for days. That’s where we come in - to curate the perfect list for you to find vegan shoes you won’t ever want to take off!

1. Vegan Leather Sneakers
Cari Capri
If you’re looking for a light and flexible shoe you can wear for errands, on your daily walks, or while chasing your kids around the park, you’ve found them! These beauties are made with 100% vegan leather and a rubber sole for ultimate comfort. It also has a soft microfiber lining so your foot can breathe, even on the hottest days this summer.

2. Donna Wood Clog
Clogs are back and we’re incredibly excited about it. These clogs from Bhava effortlessly combine the function of the classic shoe with the style of a chic sandal. The base is made from artisan-crafted solid wood and even comes with an extra detachable insole to extend the life.

3. Talia Stretch Boot
Warmer temperatures may be quickly approaching, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a staple boot in your wardrobe. This boot is made of stretchy vegan leather so every step feels like you’re walking barefoot, but with all the support of a good shoe. The best part? There’s no pesky break-in period like you get with real leather boots.

4. Jefferson Disney Sneakers
If you’re a Disney adult, these may just be the perfect sneakers for you. This quirky shoe is shock absorbent (perfect for Disney trips), odor-resistant, and hand washable! These lightweight shoes are so amazing, you’ll be wondering how you have spent so many vacations to the happiest place on Earth without them.

5. Lace-Up Boots
Doc Martens
We all know Docs to be the ever-popular staple leather shoe brand, but did you know they actually have a few vegan options as well? You can get all the benefits of their classic boots without any of the harm! Note: Most customers complain about how tough they are to break in and typically require heel inserts to protect themselves from blisters. However, they all say it’s worth it for such a quality shoe

Block Heel Pumps
Now, we know that when you think of comfortable shoes, your first thought isn’t heels, but these are different. Thanks to the gorgeous thick heel, these pumps provide ample support and cushioning, making them perfect for your hectic workday. They’re handmade in Spain and cruelty-free, of course!

7. Santa Barbara Sandals
If you’re looking for a sandal with some serious comfort, look no further than these slides. The two buckle straps are actually adjustable so you can make sure the sandal fits comfortably on your feet for even your most strenuous adventures. The footbed is made out of cork and latex, which help make the shoe lightweight and natural-looking. AKA, the perfect vegan sandal.

8. Esplar Canvas Sneakers
Sometimes when you’re looking for a vegan shoe, it’s not just about the shoe, but the brand too. Veja uses 100% organic cotton that has been cultivated in Brazil and Peru by associations that support fair trade practices. In just 16 years, they have purchased nearly 642 tons!

9. Pointed Bow Loafers
Loafers are a great way to get some serious style while keeping all the comfort you know and love in your shoes. Thanks to the precious bow detail and pointed toe design, these loafers are especially stylish. Each shoe is made from six plastic water bottles, they’re antimicrobial, breathable, and, get this, machine washable as well!

10. Moab Slippers
Vegetarian Shoes

Obviously, these aren’t the most fashionable pair of shoes you can own, but they’re actually quite comfortable and sometimes that’s all you need. These bad boys have a contoured footbed, which means it’ll seamlessly form to your foot the more you wear them, basically making them more and more comfortable every time you slip them on.


Finding the perfect pair of vegan shoes can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be We’re lucky to live during a time where so many brands are shifting their focus to more earth-friendly, sustainable options, making it incredibly easy for a consumer to find the perfect pair.

- Cari Capri xo



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