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The Everyday Set Is The Only Loungewear Set You Need

The Everyday Set Is The Only Loungewear Set You Need

If you go into your closet or dresser right now to find a comfortable piece of loungewear, we can almost guarantee you have too many old, raggedy T-Shirts, pajama bottoms with holes on them, or just overall a mismatched collection of items. When you’re looking for a new set that is perfect for your everyday life, you should be looking for style, fit, and, most importantly, quality. That’s where the Everyday Set comes in.

Woman walking while wearing a purple long sleeve top and purple leggings

This loungewear set is a functional and versatile outfit, designed to be worn when you just want to relax and even when you have a few errands to run outside. It’s truly a great way to look put together without having to put in a lot of effort.

The Grey Everyday Set

The Everyday Set is made with organic Tencel cotton, which is one of the softest cotton you can find, organic cotton, and spandex to make it extra stretchy throughout your body. The set includes a stunning trimmed V-neck top with buttery soft leggings. The best part is that it also includes a belt, so you can decide if you prefer to wear the top a little bit looser or more structured for a more put-together aesthetic.

Two women wearing the blue Everyday Set

When you’re shopping for quality pieces, one thing that is important to look for is sustainability, and the Everyday Set is perfect for that. All dyes used in this set are approved by OEKO-TEX®, which focuses on protecting our planet for future generations to come. Our fabric is also made in Canada using a sustainable wood source that is harvested from renewable tree groves, so you can feel good while you look good. If that’s not enough, the pieces are even ethically manufactured in the USA.

The dark green Everyday Set

The Everyday Set comes in a variety of colors. We have the gorgeous best-selling cream set, which is a beautifully versatile piece you can wear all year long. There are classically neutral colors like grey, heather forest green, black, and slate. You can also go for a more vibrant color like our blush, plum, or navy. Whichever color you choose, we can guarantee you’ll look effortlessly stylish in them.

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