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The Corker Sneaker - Denim


Denim Corker Women's Sneakers by Cari Capri

The casual yet chic look of these eco-friendly denim women's shoes make them an excellent accessory for practically any occasion. They’re surprisingly lightweight, flexible, sustainably produced, and a true classic.

    The denim upper design of these shoes features slightly worn seams for that classic denim style and makes them an excellent choice to wear with equal or lighter colored denim clothing. They also blend surprisingly well to with denim pants of equal or lighter color. Wear them with leggings, a skirt, or almost anything you can imagine. The cork detail is a small but important detail that makes these shoes one-of-a-kind.

    You’ll love the fit and how the they look on your feet. Our shoe collection is one of our most popular of the Cari Capri products, and the denim corker sneaker is no exception.

    Our shoes and materials are tested to guarantee we follow the European quality standards and provide our customers a product they can trust and will meet high standards of confort and durability.

    Product Details

    • Exclusive Proprietary Design

    •1.5-inch Platform Height

    • Denim & Recycled Cork Upper

    • Cork Rear Heel Pull Accent

    • 30% Re-used Rubber Sole

    • White Rounded Laces

    • Microfiber Interior Lining for Breathability

    • Vegan (Animal-Free Product)

    • Water-Resistant

    • Sporty and Casual Design

    • Eco-Friendly with Low Carbon Footprint

    • Sustainably Handcrafted by Artisans in Portugal

    • We Plant a Tree for Every Pair We Sell


    Cari Capri Denim Sneakers are equipped with a specially formulated sole for the ultimate in comfort and style. Made with 30% reused rubber, they provide both height and comfort for casual styles. The denim exterior of the shoe consists of re-used cork stoppers. This combo is a ecologic solution that reduces pollution and lowers the use carbon-based products during manufacturing. The result is a beautiful shoe composed of materials that would otherwise be considered waste. We see that as a great achievement.

    What’s more? For every pair of Corker Sneakers we sell, Cari Capri plants a tree. How cool is that?!

    Care Instructions

    For cleaning the cork upper area, use a microfiber (or similar) cloth with warm water to gently wipe away dirt and debris. To clean the soles, we recommend using a blend of water with gentle, eco-friendly soap. Apply lightly, scrub, and wipe away using a dry cloth.

    The Corker Sneaker - Denim